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Business Overview

The universe is our guiding mother from gay culture to aviation down to sweating it out in the Gym or the hiking trails around the world taking you on a journey.

Our slogan absolutely describes us “Bonkers Always” and why not, life is way too serious anyway. We aim to produce fun, relevant, and at times controversial streetwear that helps connect any community that you belong to.

How did we get here, in 2019 after being asked one too many times about my life as a flight attendant, (Cabin crew for you British), and the unusual sayings we have in our industry, the idea was born to start Bonkydoodah, a fun poke in the face of Aviation. This then led to several discussions over dinner parties with friends on how this could go further and our range of not only Aviation t-shirts were developed but the need for the world to recognize the Love is Love range which of course flowed into our new sports wear range.