The LGBT Mummies Tribe

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Business Overview

We are The LGBT Mummies Tribe.

Our sole purpose is to ‘Educate, Share, & Celebrate’ LGBT+ women & people worldwide on the path to motherhood or parenthood.

We act as a central point of support & a safe haven through providing information, advice & knowledge on the available routes to starting a family through our website & social channels.

From educational resources, support groups & services, information on charities, LGBT+ brands, & sharing your stories with our community to our annual UK ‘Meets’ where families come together to celebrate our community, make friends & share their experiences.

Whether you are thinking of starting a family or have children already by fertility treatment, surrogacy, adoption, fostering, as a single parent, co-parent or a step parent, all are welcome.

We are passionate about making change for same sex families (specifically women & people) & are currently in talks with the Government, NHS & other UK governing bodies to bring policy change & support to ensure equality & inclusivity to LGBT+ women & their children through the Health system & associated services.

We work tirelessly to inspire LGBT+ women & people on their quest to motherhood or parenthood, whilst working to normalise our families in the media & creating a more inclusive future for our children, by providing visibility of our families, creating change & equality for our amazing women & people & their children.